Tablature in PDF and PostScript format

by Wayne Cripps

This is the list of files of lute music in tablature form. You can download the music by simply clicking on the eps or pdf letters after the file name. Clicking pdf file will download the file to your computer rather than displaying it. If your web viewer can display and print PostScript or PDF files you can see and print these files. You can use Adobe Acrobat to read pdf files.The eps format will produce slightly higher quality prints of the tablature, and can be displayed and printed with Ghostview. The names in bold type are folders which you can select to open.
Windows Users - if clicking "midi" doesn't work try right clicking, selecting "Save target as..." and opening the file you have downloaded with windows media player.
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This folder is "Capirola"

Capirola_Balletto pdf or midi or tab source     Fri Jul 15 09:59:21 2005
Capirola_De_tous pdf or midi or tab source     Tue Feb 17 20:50:41 2015
Capirola_Padoana pdf or midi or tab source     Fri Jul 15 10:07:22 2005
Capirola_Recercar_ottavo pdf or midi or tab source     Fri Jul 15 08:59:19 2005
Capirolla_Milles pdf or midi or tab source     Fri Aug 5 07:26:22 2005
Capirolla_canto_bello pdf or midi or tab source     Mon Jul 18 14:27:27 2005

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