CS49/149: Approximation Algorithms, Fall 2019

Instructor: Deeparnab Chakrabarty (Office hours: Right after class, or by appointment @Sudikoff 216)
Time: 2A (TR: 2:25pm - 4:15pm)
Venue: Sudikoff 214

Course Description
Many problems arising in computer science are NP-hard and we do not expect polynomial time algorithms solving them exactly. This has led to the study of approximation algorithms where one relaxes the goal to return approximate solutions. Over the past three decades, a beautiful theory of approximation algorithms has emerged. This course provides a broad overview of the main techniques in the area.

A first course on algorithms. Ability to read and write mathematical proofs is required.
Prerequisite course for UGs: CS 31 or equivalent.

Recommended Books
There is no required textbooks. The following books are recommended.

Weekly Problem Set (50%), Research (50%)


We will use Canvas for the submitting and grading assignments.

Tentative Schedule
Each week will be devoted to one or two techniques illustrated on a few problems.