Debbie Chyi
November 6, 1998


What is it?

The Realtor Demo is a program that presents a real-world application that relies on and is enhanced by mobile agent technology. This application utilizes mobile agents to handle the information gathering and transaction processes involved in purchasing a home. The program allows the user to query the database of several realtors. A "salesman" agent works on behalf of the user by sending agents that query the databases, then return with thumbnails of those houses which fit the criteria. From the thumbnails, the user can decide on a house he/she wishes to purchase, and the salesman sends an agent to purchase the house from the realtor. The purchase involves a bank agent and an arbiter agent who together ensure that the transaction is properly carried out. When the transaction is completed, the agent returns from the realtor and the full picture of the user's new house is displayed.

The demo assumes that the user has enough cash to pay for the house and the house purchased is actually only a picture of the house--not the house itself. The realtor is also able to sell the same house multiple times. These scenarios may be unrealistic, in the context of purchasing a home, but they fit well with the sale of other items (such as images, sounds, software, etc), and in any case the agent infrastructure is similar.

The program is integrated with a tracker that is especially useful in visualizing the agents at work "behind the scenes." The tracker keeps track of the various agents that are created throughout the program and provides a "map view," which allows the user to see the current position of each agent and the interactions among them.

Note: This demo is only one version of a larger catagory of "salesman demos" that can be used to sell various products from various types of vendors. Many of the terms used in this demo (i.e. "product", "order", "vendor", etc.) are therefore broad terms that can be applied to any of the salesman demos.

The Agents

There are eight types of agents involved in this demo. Some are stationary and some are mobile; some have one instance and some have multiple instances. Each is described below and most agent icons provide a link to the agent's code.




Wallet Manager:

Vendor 1:

Vendor 2:

Vendor 3:

Vendor 4:


Salesman gatherers:

Salesman purchaser:


Sample run of demo:

Agent Starter Picture



Tracker Picture
Map Picture 1





Demo Picture 1
Catalog Picture 1
Demo Picture 2
Map Picture 2



Catalog Picture 2
Demo Picture 3
Map Picture 3



Map Picture 4



Purchase Picture


*Pictures of all houses are copyrighted by McLaughry Real Estate and are used in the Realtor Demo for demonstration purposes only