D'Agents 2.0: Source code, FAQ and known bugs

This is an old release. The most recent release is D'Agents 2.1.

D'Agents 2.0 has much better performance than D'Agents 1.1 and has security mechanisms for protecting a machine against malicious agents. In addition, the D'Agents core has been reimplemented so that it can support multiple languages. The public release of D'Agents 2.0 supports only Tcl agents, but the internal release supports Tcl, Java, Python and Scheme agents. The Java and Scheme modules are available by request.

Note: The previous release of D'Agents, D'Agents 1.1, is better known as Agent Tcl. Since the system now supports more languages than just Tcl, we changed the name of the system from Agent Tcl to D'Agents for this new release.

Breaking news

(Last updated on May 5, 2000)

Source code and documentation


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Known bugs

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Previous release: D'Agents 1.1

Last updated on May 5, 2000
The D'Agents Project ended in approximately 2003. The software, and this web site, is no longer maintained. For questions please contact David Kotz.