Agent Tcl 1.1: Source code and documentation

This is an old release. The most recent release is D'Agents 2.0.

General information

* General information

Agent Tcl is a UNIX application and is known to compile on the following platforms.

The source code should be easily portable to any Unix platform that provides TCP/IP and Berkley sockets. Other platforms will require more work.

Please read the licensing terms that come with the software and please remember that Agent Tcl is an alpha release. Do not be surprised if you find a bug.

* Source

You can download the source distribution as a single file:

agent.1.1.tar.gz (2.07 MB)

or as five separate files:
agent.1.1.part1.tar.gz (0.27 MB)
agent.1.1.part2.tar.gz (0.27 MB)
agent.1.1.part3.tar.gz (0.40 MB)
agent.1.1.part4.tar.gz (0.56 MB)
agent.1.1.part5.tar.gz (0.57 MB)

Uncompress and untar the five files in the same directory.

* Patches

There have been thirteen patches since the initial release, but since virtually every file in the initial release has now been affected, the patches are no longer available separately. Patches for this release were managed poorly, which has led to the need for a complete redownload; patches for the next release will be managed better.

If the date of any patch is the same as or later than the date on which you downloaded the source code, you should download the complete source code again. You will have to recompile and reinstall.

Date Description
January 2, 1996 Fixes bug in info exists
January 2, 1996 Fixes bug in agent_jump
January 2, 1996 Fixes bug in agent_sleep and restrict
February 5, 1996 Fixes bug in agent_fork and compilation problems with tclStateLoad.c and tclStateSave.c
February 5, 1996 Fixes many compilation problems on Solaris machines.
February 13, 1996 Fixes bug in tkerror.tcl
February 13, 1996 Fixes memory leak in delete_check
February 18, 1996 Fixes memory allocation problems involving signal handlers.
February 18, 1996 Rearranges the source code slightly to make compiling extensions easier.
May 13, 1996 Fixes a Tcl variable bug, a server bug and an agent_receive bug.
July 16, 1996 Fixes several problems with agent_info.
August 23, 1996 Fixes a bug in the hash table code. It appears that this bug was not affecting anyone.
August 28, 1996 Fixes a resource leak in the error logger.
October 18, 1996 Fixes some subtle bugs relating to agent_force and two of the examples (fac.remote.tcl and server.tcl)


The documentation is included with the source code, however you can download the documentation separately if desired:

In addition, bug reports and last-minute changes to the documentation appear here.

The D'Agents Project ended in approximately 2003. The software, and this web site, is no longer maintained. For questions please contact David Kotz.