Mike Brewer '99
James Chalfant '99
Joe Edelman '99 (electronic currency)
Debbie Greenberger '00 (Tactical Picture Agents)
Jason Kochel '99 (logistics)
Keith Kotay (forerunner of Agent Tcl)
David Kung '99
Matt Soldo '99 (information systems)
Tarim Wasim '99 (sound)


Miranda Barrows '96 (network simulation)
Aditya Bhasin, M.S. (retrieval of mechanical parts)
Bill Bleier '98 (Agent Java)
Ting Cai, M.S. (mobile computing)
Wilmer Caripe, M.S. (network sensing)
Kurt Cohen, M.S. (retrieval of mechanical parts)
Michael Corr 'S (tracking)
Mark Giles '96 (navigation)
David Gondek '98 (Agent Scheme)
Ken Harker '95 (forerunner of Agent Tcl)
Clint Hepner (scalability)
Mark Hoagland '98 (navigation)
Melissa Hirschl (debugging)
David Hofer '97 (lab administration)
Ahsan Kabir '97 (Agent Scheme)
Vishesh Khemani '98 (mobile computing)
Chris Langmead (security)
Dawn Lawrie '97 (navigation)
Rob Leathern '97 (development environments)
Tom Millett (applications)
Joshua Mills '97 (Agent Java)
Saurab Nog (operating system issues)
Dan Scholnick '00 (scalable document server)
Rohit Sharma, M.S. (workflow applications)
Jun Shen '98 (mobile computing)
Rahul Vaid, M.S. (Agent Java)
Jake Wegmann '97 (sound and graphics)
Eric White '98 (Agent Java)
Alik Widge '99 (Agent Scheme)
Yunxin Wu, M.S. (retrieval and organization of medical records)
Some contact information:

Kurt Cohen '94
Director, Corporate Development
Qwest Communications.

David Hofer '97
Software Design Engineer
Origins Software Company, Inc.

Saurab Nog '96
Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corp.

Dawn Lawrie '97
In graduate school at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

John M. Danskin
Graphics researcher at 3dfx.
Phones: w (248) 546-0167. h (248) 586-1658

Tarim Wasim '99
Class of 1999, Dartmouth College.

Bill Bleier '98
26 St. Marks Pl, #3
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-246-9851
I/T Specialist - Small and Medium Business Consulting, IBM.

Rob Leathern '97
Analyst, Investment Banking, ING Baring Furman Selz.

Last updated on April 5, 1999

The D'Agents Project ended in approximately 2003. The software, and this web site, is no longer maintained. For questions please contact David Kotz.