David Kotz
Naming and Services
Talk from Jeff Arnold.

We want a scalable and fault tolerant system.  What services and naming architecture do you need?

Challenges: dist. mobility. disconnection (not necs failure) diversity scale

What services do we need? This is mostly an open question to discussion.  How about tracking a service to log for analysis or debugging.

Naming is topic of this talk what is a name? It is a mapping from one entry (a name) to an address (another name).

What set of names are meaningful to applications to distinguish between names that are simple map from navigational (incremental) names?

Navigational names are not instantly mapped.

Ip address, each router has more focused view of name.

What things are named? why name things? to locate things.

Remember location through names send message or read/write data

Wish to distinguish entities - through names another reason is for communication. coordinate

Subject are names unique?

One name -> many printer service may not care

Which mapping we get or have other metrice are names permanent?

do names change when we move object connection or restarting? how to resolve names?

Associative map. virtual to physical map for address mapping inside operating sysystem

Hierarchical directories - dns, file systems incremental routing - ip

A proposal may have several things to name

I suggest we treat devices as a service

Reduce number of things to name i

Support services by agent contact an agent to work with a service need mapipng from service name -> agent name -> object name service->agent name

What do the maps look like?

Service name is a description of the service or use kqml or xml use yellow pages to do the mapping

Scalable solution - unrealistic to assume central yellow pages distributed collection of directiories not necessarily hierachal, Vdns for example services don't always fit nicely into hierachy use a generalized graph

yellowpages server may not have entry, but it may have idea of another

yellowpages to contact.... may not be only server with listing.

We only need to find one.

How does the yellowpages know about service registration/ advertizing? with specialist yellow page services yellowpages services register with broader yellowpages services