David Kotz’s travels

through 2012


This blog covers many of my trips and hikes through June 2012. After that, I started posting at dfkotz.wordpress.com.

The highlight was our year in India (August 2008 through May 2009); we lived in Bangalore, India.  I was a Fulbright Research Scholar at the Indian Institute of Science, and Pam was a Fulbright Teaching Scholar at St. John’s Medical College. The kids attended school in Bangalore. We traveled a lot around India.  I wrote about our travels and my observations in a blog (see archive), and share thousands of photos (start here).

We travelled through the South Pacific on our way homeward, with about two weeks in Australia, two weeks in New Zealand, and 10 days in Fiji. I wrote about our travels – and posted photos – in the blog.

The links at the top show many of my trips and hikes at home and abroad, but the older content (1989-2008) is accessible only through the archive.

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