Jonathan Bredin, David Kotz, and Daniela Rus. Utility Driven Mobile-Agent Scheduling. October 1998. Unpublished.

Abstract: Mobile agents are programs capable of migrating from one host machine to another. We propose that mobile agents purchase resource access rights from host machines thereby establishing a market for computational resources and giving agents a metric to evenly distribute themselves throughout the network. Market participation requires quantitative information about resource consumption to define demand and calculate utility.

We create a formal utility model to derive user-demand functions, allowing agents to efficiently plan expenditure and deal with price fluctuations. By quantifying demand and utility, resource owners can precisely set a value for a good. We simulate our model in a mobile agent scheduling environment and show how mobile agents may use server prices to distribute themselves evenly throughout a network.

Keywords: project-dagents,agents,markets


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Copyright © 1998 by the authors.

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