Guanling Chen and David Kotz. Dependency management in distributed settings. Technical Report TR2004-495, Dartmouth Computer Science, March 2004.

Abstract: Ubiquitous-computing environments are heterogeneous and volatile in nature. Systems that support ubicomp applications must be self-managed, to reduce human intervention. In this paper, we present a general service that helps distributed software components to manage their dependencies. Our service proactively monitors the liveness of components and recovers them according to supplied policies. Our service also tracks the state of components, on behalf of their dependents, and may automatically select components for the dependent to use based on evaluations of customized functions. We believe that our approach is flexible and abstracts away many of the complexities encountered in ubicomp environments. In particular, we show how we applied the service to manage dependencies of context-fusion operators and present some experimental results.

Keywords: project-solar,context-aware


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