Guanling Chen and David Kotz. Context-Sensitive Resource Discovery. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), pages 243-252, March 2003. IEEE Computer Society Press. DOI 10.1109/PERCOM.2003.1192747.

Abstract: This paper presents the ``Solar'' system framework that allows resources to advertise context-sensitive names and for applications to make context-sensitive name queries. The heart of our framework is a small specification language that allows composition of ``context-processing operators'' to calculate the desired context. Resources use the framework to register and applications use the framework to lookup context-sensitive name descriptions. The back-end system executes these operators and constantly updates the context values, adjusting advertised names and informing applications about changes. We report experimental results from a prototype, using a modified version of the Intentional Naming System (INS) as the core directory service.

Keywords: project-solar,context-aware,sensors


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