Arne Grimstrup, Robert Gray, David Kotz, Thomas Cowin, Greg Hill, Niranjan Suri, Daria Chacón, and Martin Hofmann. Write Once, Move Anywhere: Toward Dynamic Interoperability of Mobile Agent Systems. Technical Report TR2001-411, Dartmouth Computer Science, July 2001.

Abstract: Mobile agents are an increasingly popular paradigm, and in recent years there has been a proliferation of mobile-agent systems. These systems are, however, largely incompatible with each other. In particular, agents cannot migrate to a host that runs a different mobile-agent system. Prior approaches to interoperability have tried to force agents to use a common API, and so far none have succeeded. Our goal, summarized in the catch phrase ``Write Once, Move Anywhere,'' led to our efforts to develop mechanisms that support dynamic runtime interoperability of mobile-agent systems. This paper describes the Grid Mobile-Agent System, which allows agents to migrate to different mobile-agent systems.

Keywords: project-dagents,agents


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