Tristan Henderson and David Kotz. Data citation practices in the CRAWDAD wireless network data archive. D-Lib Magazine, 21(1/2), Jan/Feb 2015. DOI 10.1045/january2015-henderson.

Abstract: CRAWDAD (Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth) is a popular research data archive for wireless network data, archiving over 100 datasets used by over 6,500 users. In this paper we examine citation behaviour amongst 1,281 papers that use CRAWDAD datasets. We find that (in general) paper authors cite datasets in a manner that is sufficient for providing credit to dataset authors and also provides access to the datasets that were used. Only 11.5% of papers did not do so; common problems included (1) citing the canonical papers rather than the dataset, (2) describing the dataset using unclear identifiers, and (3) not providing URLs or pointers to datasets.

Keywords: project-crawdad,wifi


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