David Kotz. DAta-Parallel Programming Library for Education DAPPLE. a C++ class library that provides the illusion of data-parallel programming on sequential computers, 1994.

Abstract: DAPPLE is a C++ class library designed to provide the illusion of a data-parallel programming language on conventional hardware and with conventional compilers. DAPPLE defines Vectors and Matrices as basic classes, with all the C operators overloaded to provide for elementwise arithmetic. In addition, DAPPLE provides typical data-parallel operations such as scans, permutations, and reductions. Finally, DAPPLE provides a parallel if-then-else statement to restrict the context of the above operations to subsets of vectors or matrices.

Keywords: project-dapple,education,software


Other: https://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~dfk/ILI/dapple/

Copyright © 1994 by the authors.

See also earlier version kotz:jdapple.