David Kotz, Song Bac Toh, and Sriram Radhakrishnan. A Detailed Simulation Model of the HP 97560 Disk Drive. Technical Report PCS-TR94-220, Dartmouth Computer Science, July 1994.

Abstract: We implemented a detailed model of the HP 97560 disk drive, to replicate a model devised by Ruemmler and Wilkes (both of Hewlett-Packard, HP). Our model simulates one or more disk drives attached to one or more SCSI buses, using a small discrete-event simulation module included in our implementation. The design is broken into three components: a test driver, the disk model itself, and the discrete-event simulation support. Thus, the disk model can be easily extracted and used in other simulation environments. We validated our model using traces obtained from HP, using the same ``demerit'' measure as Ruemmler and Wilkes. We obtained a demerit figure of 3.9%, indicating that our model was extremely accurate. This paper describes our implementation, and is meant for those wishing to understand our model or to implement their own.

Keywords: project-pario-other,pario


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Copyright © 1994 by the authors.

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