David Kotz. The Institute for Security Technology Studies (ISTS): overview. In SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, pages 9-17, Orlando, FL, April 2004. SPIE. Invited paper. DOI 10.1117/12.555797.

Abstract: The Institute for Security Technology Studies (ISTS) was founded at Dartmouth College in 2000 as a national center of security research and development. The Institute conducts interdisciplinary research and development projects addressing the challenges of cyber and homeland security, to protect the integrity of the Internet, computer networks, and other interdependent information infrastructures. ISTS also develops technology for providing the information and tools necessary to assist communities and first responders with the evolving, complex security landscape. ISTS is a member of and administers the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), a consortium of 24 leading academic institutions, non-profits and federal laboratories that brings industry, academia and government together to articulate and focus on problems that need to be solved to help ensure the nation's information infrastructure is safe, secure, and robust.

Keywords: ists, survey


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