David Kotz, Guofei Jiang, Robert Gray, George Cybenko, and Ronald A. Peterson. Performance Analysis of Mobile Agents for Filtering Data Streams on Wireless Networks. Technical Report TR2000-366, Dartmouth Computer Science, May 2000.

Abstract: Wireless networks are an ideal environment for mobile agents, because their mobility allows them to move across an unreliable link to reside on a wired host, next to or closer to the resources they need to use. Furthermore, client-specific data transformations can be moved across the wireless link, and run on a wired gateway server, with the goal of reducing bandwidth demands. In this paper we examine the tradeoffs faced when deciding whether to use mobile agents to support a data-filtering application, in which numerous wireless clients filter information from a large data stream arriving across the wired network. We develop an analytical model and use parameters from our own experiments to explore the model's implications.

Keywords: project-dagents,agents


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