Shrirang Mare, Andrés Molina-Markham, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz. System, Method and Authorization Device for Biometric Access Control to Digital Devices. U.S. Patent 9,832,206; International Patent Application WO2014153528A2, November 2017. Priority date 2013-03-21; Filing date 2014-03-21; Publication date 2014-09-25; Grant date 2017-11-28.

Abstract: A system and method for authenticating and continuously verifying authorized users of a digital device includes an authentication device attached to an arm or wrist of authorized users. The authentication device has an accelerometer, digital radio, a processor configured to provide identity information over the radio, and to transmit motion data. The motion data is received by the digital device and the identity transmitted is verified as an identity associated with an authorized user. Input at a touchscreen, touchpad, mouse, trackball, or keyboard of the digital device is detected, and correlated with the motion data. Access to the digital device is allowed if the detected input and the detected motion data correlate, and disallowed otherwise.

Keywords: patent,project-tish,ists,ctbh,security,authentication,mhealth,wearable,sensors


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