G. Ayorkor Mills-Tettey and David Kotz. Mobile Voice Over IP (MVOIP): An Application-level Protocol for Call Hand-off in Real Time Applications. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications (IPCCC), pages 271-279, April 2002. IEEE Computer Society Press. DOI 10.1109/IPCCC.2002.995160.

Abstract: This paper presents Mobile Voice Over IP, an application-level protocol to support terminal mobility in real-time applications such as voice over IP, on a wireless local area network. We describe our MVOIP implementation based on the ITU-T H.323 protocol stack, present experimental results on call hand-off latency, and discuss various implementation issues, including the task of quickly and accurately determining when call hand-off is necessary. We also discuss how MVOIP relates to other proposed mobility support schemes, and how it can be generalized to provide application-level mobility support in a wide range of real and non real-time applications.

Keywords: project-wifi-mobility,wifi


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