Timothy J. Pierson, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz. Secure Information Transfer Between Nearby Wireless Devices. In Proceedings of the Mobicom S3 workshop, pages 11-13, October 2017. ACM Press. DOI 10.1145/3131348.3131355.

Abstract: Securely transferring data between two devices that have never previously met nor shared a secret is a difficult task. Previous solutions to the problem are susceptible to well-known attacks or may require extensive infrastructure that may not be suitable for wireless devices such as Internet of Things sensors that do not have advanced computational capabilities.

We propose a new approach: using jamming to thwart adversaries located more than a few centimeters away, while still allowing devices in close physical proximity to securely share data. To accomplish this secure data transfer we exploit MIMO antennas and the Inverse-Square Law.

Keywords: project-thaw,ists,security,wifi


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