Yong Sheng, Guanling Chen, Hongda Yin, Keren Tan, Udayan Deshpande, Bennet Vance, David Kotz, Andrew Campbell, Chris McDonald, Tristan Henderson, and Joshua Wright. MAP: A scalable monitoring system for dependable 802.11 wireless networks. IEEE Wireless Communications, 15(5):10-18, October 2008. DOI 10.1109/MWC.2008.4653127.

Abstract: Many enterprises have deployed 802.11 wireless networks for mission-critical operations; these networks must be protected for dependable access. This paper introduces project MAP, which includes a scalable 802.11 measurement system that can provide continuous monitoring of wireless traffic to quickly identify threats and attacks. We discuss the MAP system architecture, design decisions, and evaluation results from a real testbed.

Keywords: project-wifi-map,ists,security,wifi


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