Jihwang Yeo, David Kotz, and Tristan Henderson. Workshop report -- CRAWDAD Workshop 2007. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 38(3):79-82, July 2008. DOI 10.1145/1384609.1384619.

Abstract: Wireless network researchers are hungry for data about how real users, applications, and devices use real networks under real network conditions. CRAWDAD, the Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data at Dartmouth, is an NSF-funded project that is building a wireless network data archive for the research community. We host wireless data, and provide tools and documents to make it easy to collect and use wireless network data. We hope that this resource will help researchers to identify and evaluate real and interesting problems in mobile and pervasive computing. This report outlines the CRAWDAD project and summarizes the third CRAWDAD workshop, held at MobiCom 2007.

Keywords: project-crawdad


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