Privacy in mobile technology for personal healthcare


Sasikanth Avancha, Amit Baxi, and David Kotz. Privacy in mobile technology for personal healthcare. ACM Computing Surveys, volume 45, number 1, article 3, 54 pages. ACM, November 2012. doi:10.1145/2379776.2379779. ©Copyright ACM.


Information technology can improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of healthcare. In this survey, we examine the privacy requirements of mobile computing technologies that have the potential to transform healthcare. Such mHealth technology enables physicians to remotely monitor patients’ health, and enables individuals to manage their own health more easily. Despite these advantages, privacy is essential for any personal monitoring technology. Through an extensive survey of the literature, we develop a conceptual privacy framework for mHealth, itemize the privacy properties needed in mHealth systems, and discuss the technologies that could support privacy-sensitive mHealth systems. We end with a list of open research questions.

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