Data-centric middleware for context-aware pervasive computing


Guanling Chen, Ming Li, and David Kotz. Data-centric middleware for context-aware pervasive computing. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, volume 4, number 2, pages 216–253. Elsevier, April 2008. doi:10.1016/j.pmcj.2007.10.001. ©Copyright Elsevier.


The complexity of developing and deploying context-aware pervasive-computing applications calls for distributed software infrastructures that assist applications to collect, aggregate, and disseminate contextual data. In this paper, we motivate a data-centric design for such an infrastructure to support context-aware applications. Our middleware system, Solar, treats contextual data sources as stream publishers. The core of Solar is a scalable and self-organizing peer-to-peer overlay to support data-driven services. We describe how different services can be systematically integrated on top of the Solar overlay and evaluate the resource discovery and data-dissemination services. We also discuss our experience and lessons learned when using Solar to support several implemented scenarios. We conclude that a data-centric infrastructure is necessary to facilitate both the development and deployment of context-aware pervasive-computing applications.

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