The Amulet Wearable Platform: Demo Abstract


Josiah Hester, Travis Peters, Tianlong Yun, Ronald Peterson, Joseph Skinner, Bhargav Golla, Kevin Storer, Steven Hearndon, Sarah Lord, Ryan Halter, David Kotz, and Jacob Sorber. The Amulet Wearable Platform: Demo Abstract. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys), pages 290–291. ACM, November 2016. doi:10.1145/2994551.2996527. ©Copyright ACM.


In this demonstration we present the Amulet Platform; a hardware and software platform for developing energy- and resource-efficient applications on multi-application wearable devices. This platform, which includes the Amulet Firmware Toolchain, the Amulet Runtime, the ARP-View graphical tool, and open reference hardware, efficiently protects applications from each other without MMU support, allows developers to interactively explore how their implementation decisions impact battery life without the need for hardware modeling and additional software development, and represents a new approach to developing long-lived wearable applications. We envision the Amulet Platform enabling long-duration experiments on human subjects in a wide variety of studies.

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