Introduction to Multiprocessor I/O Architecture


David Kotz. Introduction to Multiprocessor I/O Architecture. Input/Output in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems, chapter 4, pages 97–123. Edited by Ravi Jain, John Werth, and James C. Browne. Volume 362 in The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996. ISBN13: 978-1-4613-1401-1. ©Copyright Kluwer Academic Publishers.


The computational performance of multiprocessors continues to improve by leaps and bounds, fueled in part by rapid improvements in processor and interconnection technology. I/O performance thus becomes ever more critical, to avoid becoming the bottleneck of system performance. In this paper we provide an introduction to I/O architectural issues in multiprocessors, with a focus on disk subsystems. While we discuss examples from actual architectures and provide pointers to interesting research in the literature, we do not attempt to provide a comprehensive survey. We concentrate on a study of the architectural design issues, and the effects of different design alternatives.

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