Practical Prefetching Techniques for Parallel File Systems


David Kotz and Carla Schlatter Ellis. Practical Prefetching Techniques for Parallel File Systems. Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems (PDIS), pages 182–189. IEEE, December 1991. doi:10.1109/PDIS.1991.183101. ©Copyright IEEE. Revision of kotz:thesis. Later revised as kotz:jpractical.


Parallel disk subsystems have been proposed as one way to close the gap between processor and disk speeds. In a previous paper we showed that prefetching and caching have the potential to deliver the performance benefits of parallel file systems to parallel applications. In this paper we describe experiments with practical prefetching policies, and show that prefetching can be implemented efficiently even for the more complex parallel file access patterns. We test these policies across a range of architectural parameters.

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