Low-level Interfaces for High-level Parallel I/O


Nils Nieuwejaar and David Kotz. Low-level Interfaces for High-level Parallel I/O. Proceedings of the IPPS Workshop on Input/Output in Parallel and Distributed Systems (IOPADS), pages 47–62. April 1995. ©Copyright the authors. Identical to nieuwejaar:strided2-tr. Later revised as nieuwejaar:strided2-book.


As the I/O needs of parallel scientific applications increase, file systems for multiprocessors are being designed to provide applications with parallel access to multiple disks. Many parallel file systems present applications with a conventional Unix-like interface that allows the application to access multiple disks transparently. By tracing all the activity of a parallel file system in a production, scientific computing environment, we show that many applications exhibit highly regular, but non-consecutive I/O access patterns. Since the conventional interface does not provide an efficient method of describing these patterns, we present three extensions to the interface that support strided, nested-strided, and nested-batched I/O requests. We show how these extensions can be used to express common access patterns.

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