Can I access your Data? Privacy Management in mHealth


Aarathi Prasad and David Kotz. Can I access your Data? Privacy Management in mHealth. Proceedings of the USENIX Workshop on Health Security (HealthSec), 2 pages. USENIX Association, August 2010. ©Copyright the authors. Position paper.


Mobile health (mHealth) has become important in the field of healthcare information technology, as patients begin to use mobile medical sensors to record their daily activities and vital signs. Since their medical data is collected by their sensors, the patients may wish to control data collection and distribution, so as to protect their data and share it only when the need arises. It must be possible for patients to grant or deny access to the data on the storage unit (mobile phones or personal health records (PHR)). Thus, an efficient framework is required for managing patient consent electronically, allow patients to express their desires about what data to collect, what to store, and how to share. We describe several challenges posed by privacy management in mobile health.

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