A Provenance Framework for mHealth


Aarathi Prasad, Ronald Peterson, Jacob Sorber, and David Kotz. A Provenance Framework for mHealth. Proceedings of the Workshop for Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services for Healthcare (mHealthSys) Poster Track, article 9, 2 pages. ACM, November 2012. doi:10.1145/2396276.2396287. ©Copyright ACM.


How can data consumers know whether to trust the sensor-collected and human-entered data they receive from mHealth devices? What confidence do they have that it is accurate and authentic? Data recipients might be able to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the data if they have information about its origin and about changes made to it, i.e., the provenance of the data.We define provenance in mHealth as contextual information that can attest to the authenticity and accuracy of the data and can help the recipient in interpreting the data. To realize this vision, we propose a provenance framework for mHealth. The primary function of the framework is to collect and share provenance metadata and help the data consumer verify whether certain provenance properties are satisfied by the data they receive.

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