SASOS project (1993-1996)

This project is no longer active; this page is no longer updated.

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In this "SASOS" project we explored the potential for "single address-space operating systems". In the mid 1990s there was a lot of interest in operating systems that used a single, large address space, made possible by the new 64-bit microprocessors, to hold all processes and persistent data. Although the concept was interesting, it required an address to be used once and then never reused. We actually measured the usage of live computer systems to get a good estimate on how quickly such an address space would be consumed [kotz:jaddrtrace].

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The following single-address-space operating system projects provided us with summaries of their work The following SASOS projects have their own WWW pages:

Download: mailing list

There was an electronic mailing list for people interested in such systems. The list is archived as a text file.


Preston Crow and David Kotz.


This research was supported in part by NASA Graduate Student Research Assistantship NGT-51160 and by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) through ERP contract number 2043.

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