U-Drive Multifunctional Environment Detection Robot

Intuition Behind This Project

There are still some unknown or dangerous places in this world, such as cells in pyramids, places with high radiation, etc. People may need to discover more details in these places and want to see what is exactly in these places. This project aims at building a robot car to explore these places with human controlling outside the area, transmitting the real-time video and environmental information data like temperature, humidity back to the control computer.

Of course, this idea is not novel at all, but we try to use the WI-FI signal to realise the information transmission, which makes the real-time video transmission more reliable and more accurate.

Outcome Presentation

Starting in May. 2012, my team and I spent over a year working on the functions of an environment detection and communication robot. We tried extremely hard to realise the real-time video signals transmission and environmental information collection through WI-FI signals.

Our robot car consists of three main modules. MCU module controls the mechanic movement and the mechanical arms of the car. The sensors (temperature, humidity, smoke, infrared) connected to it, are responsible for collecting environmental data in real time. The WI-FI module, a normal router installed with an open-source small linux transmission system, attains the data from the MCU and transfers them into the computer controlling panel. We developed the controlling and monitoring panel of our robot car using C#. Here are several pictures about our project.


A normal router without shell installed with linux transmission system


The controlling and monitoring panel


The “U-Drive” Multifunctional Robot