Personal Radio


John C. Artz. Personal Radio. Technical Report number TR2000-372, Dartmouth Computer Science, Hanover, NH, June 2000. ©Copyright the author. Available as Dartmouth Computer Science Technical Report TR2000-372. Senior Honors Thesis. Advisors: David Kotz and Daniela Rus.


With the development of new technologies that allow the broadcast of digital data over radio signals, there are many possibilities for improving upon the traditional radio station model for content delivery. The idea of Personal Radio is a system that tailors content to meet the needs of each individual. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to play location specific content, the listening history to play content an appropriate number of times, and user feedback to learn personal preferences, the Personal Radio provides the listener with the content that is the most useful/interesting to them. This paper will examine the general design of such a system and present solutions developed in the implementation of several pieces of the design.

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