The Kerf toolkit for intrusion analysis


Javed Aslam, Sergey Bratus, David Kotz, Ron Peterson, Daniela Rus, and Brett Tofel. The Kerf toolkit for intrusion analysis. Technical Report number TR2004-493, Dartmouth Computer Science, March 2004. ©Copyright the authors. Revision of aslam:toolkit.


We consider the problem of intrusion analysis and present the Kerf Toolkit, whose purpose is to provide an efficient and flexible infrastructure for the analysis of attacks. The Kerf Toolkit includes a mechanism for securely recording host and network logging information for a network of workstations, a domain-specific language for querying this stored data, and an interface for viewing the results of such a query, providing feedback on these results, and generating new queries in an iterative fashion. We describe the architecture of Kerf, present examples to demonstrate the power of our query language, and discuss the performance of our implementation of this system.

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