System for detecting eating with sensor mounted by the ear


Shengjie Bi, Tao Wang, Nicole Tobias, Josephine Nordrum, Robert Halvorsen, Ron Peterson, Kelly Caine, Xing-Dong Yang, Kofi Odame, Ryan Halter, Jacob Sorber, and David Kotz. System for detecting eating with sensor mounted by the ear. U.S. Patent Application PCT/US2019/044317; Worldwide Patent Application WO2020028481A9, February 1, 2021. Priority date 2018-07-31; Filed 2019-07-31; Amended 2021-02-01.


A wearable device for detecting eating episodes uses a contact microphone to provide audio signals through an analog front end to an analog-to-digital converter to digitize the audio and provide digitized audio to a processor; and a processor configured with firmware in a memory to extract features from the digitized audio. A classifier determines eating episodes from the extracted features. In embodiments, messages describing the detected eating episodes are transmitted to a cell phone, insulin pump, or camera configured to record video of the wearer's mouth.

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