Data for Cybersecurity Research: Process and ‘Wish List’


Jean Camp, Lorrie Cranor, Nick Feamster, Joan Feigenbaum, Stephanie Forrest, Dave Kotz, Wenke Lee, Patrick Lincoln, Vern Paxson, Mike Reiter, Ron Rivest, William Sanders, Stefan Savage, Sean Smith, Eugene Spafford, and Sal Stolfo. Data for Cybersecurity Research: Process and ‘Wish List’. June 10, 2009. ©Copyright the authors. Informal report.


This document identifies data needs of the security research community. This document is in response to a request for a “data wish list”. Because specific data needs will evolve in conjunction with evolving threats and research problems, we augment the wish list with commentary about some of the broader issues for data usage.

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Keywords: [data] [security]

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