AGDB: A Debugger for Agent Tcl


Melissa Hirschl and David Kotz. AGDB: A Debugger for Agent Tcl. Technical Report number PCS-TR97-306, Dartmouth Computer Science, Hanover, NH, February 1997. ©Copyright the authors.


The Agent Tcl language is an extension of Tcl/Tk that supports distributed programming in the form of transportable agents. AGDB is a debugger for the Agent Tcl language. AGDB mixes of traditional and distributed debugging facilities. Traditional debugging features include breakpoints (line-specific, conditional, and once-only), watch conditions and variables, and interrupts. Distributed-debugging features address issues inherent in distributed programming such as migration and communication. These capabilities make debugging distributed programs difficult because they add complexities like race conditions to the set of problems a program can encounter. This paper discusses how AGDB uses distributed debugging features to debug agents.

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