Methods and apparatus for personalized content presentation


David Kotz, Daniela Rus, David Maramros, and John C. Artz. Methods and apparatus for personalized content presentation. U.S. Patent Application PCT/US2001/049518; International Patent Application WO2002052374A2, July 4, 2002. Priority date 2000-12-26; Filed 2001-12-26; Published 2002-07-04; Abandoned 2003-06-26. Note third author's name is misspelled; the correct spelling is Marmaros.


Methods and structure for dynamically tailoring selection of rich content for recommendation to a user wherein the recommendation process determines recommendations in accordance with past user selections. A server process (102) provides lists of recommended content to a client process (100), through a WAN (104), associated with an identified user. The user on the client process (100) then selects content and provides the server process (102) with a rating through the user feedback input (112).

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