Apparatus for securely configuring a target device


Timothy J. Pierson, Xiaohui Liang, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz. Apparatus for securely configuring a target device. U.S. Patent 11,683,071, June 20, 2023. Continuation of U.S. Patent 10,574,298. Priority date 2015-06-23; Filed 2020-01-20; Allowed 2023-02-10; Issued 2023-06-20. Revision of pierson:wanda-patent.


Apparatus and method securely transfer first data from a source device to a target device. A wireless signal having (a) a higher speed channel conveying second data and (b) a lower speed channel conveying the first data is transmitted. The lower speed channel is formed by selectively transmitting the wireless signal from one of a first and second antennae of the source device based upon the first data. The first and second antenna are positioned a fixed distance apart and the target device uses a received signal strength indication (RSSI) of the first signal to decode the lower speed channel and receive the first data.

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