D'Agents 2.1: Source Code, FAQ and Known Bugs

D'Agents 2.1 fixes most of the known bugs in D'Agents 2.0, supports Scheme agents, and includes an optional, high-performance, multi-threaded agent server. Like D'Agents 2.0, it has much better performance than D'Agents 1.1 and has security mechanisms for protecting a machine against malicious agents. The public release of D'Agents 2.1 supports Tcl and Scheme agents, and support for Java agents is available by request.

Note: The first release of D'Agents, D'Agents 1.1, is better known as Agent Tcl. After adding support for multiple languages, we changed the name to D'Agents for release 2.0.

Breaking News

(Last updated on 16 July 2002)

Source Code and Documentation


(Last updated on 16 July 2002)

Known bugs

(Last updated on 16 July 2002)

Previous Releases: D'Agents 1.1 and D'Agents 2.0

The D'Agents Project ended in approximately 2003. The software, and this web site, is no longer maintained. For questions please contact David Kotz.