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Palm Springs, California, USA

October 6, 1999

The objective of this workshop was to bring together key researchers from all areas pertinent to mobile agents, for a day of discussions.  We invited selected experts from the field to present specific issues.  After each 30-minute presentation, we moderated a 30-minute discussion on that issue.

The themes for this year's meeting were scalability and fault-tolerance in mobile-agent systems.

Speakers included:

Co-located with ASA/MA'99 : The Joint Symposium ASA/MA'99
         First International Symposium on Agent Systems and Applications (ASA'99)
         Third International Symposium on Mobile Agents (MA'99)

Slides and Papers from Talks

Introduction - Daniela Rus;

Discussion Notes

"Models for Scalable and Fault Tolerant Mobile Code" - Gian Pietro Picco, PowerPoint poster

Discussion Notes

"Naming and Services for Scalable and Fault Tolerant Mobile Systems" - David Kotz, PowerPoint poster

Discussion Notes

"Network Management in Scalable and Fault Tolerant Mobile Agent Systems" - Ken Vastola, PostScript file

Discussion Notes

"Fault-Tolerance Issues for Communicating Mobile Agents" - Keith Marzullo, PowerPoint poster

Discussion Notes


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