MeshMon project (2007-2011)

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Wireless mesh networks provide Wi-Fi service to mobile clients, much like an infrastructure wireless network, but the backhaul connection between access points is itself an ad hoc wireless network. One large challenge in mesh networks is management. We developed the Mesh-Mon system, which can inform a sysadmin about the health of the mesh network and help diagnose any problems with the network. The system and results are best described by Nanda's dissertation [nanda:thesis], though aspects are covered by the other papers listed below.

Mesh-Mon was a scalable, distributed and decentralized management system in which mesh nodes cooperate in a proactive manner to help detect, diagnose and resolve network problems automatically. Mesh-Mon was independent of the routing protocol used by the mesh routing layer and can function even if the routing protocol fails. We demonstrated this feature by running Mesh-Mon on two versions of our local mesh network, one running on AODV (a reactive mesh routing protocol) and the second running on OLSR (a proactive mesh routing protocol) in separate experiments.

We developed methods to identify critical nodes in the network, introducing two new metrics based on social-network analysis: the Localized Bridging Centrality (LBC) metric and the Localized Load-aware Bridging Centrality (LLBC) metric, that can identify critical nodes efficiently and in a fully distributed manner.

Mesh-Mon solves several management challenges in a scalable manner, and is a useful and effective tool for monitoring and managing real-world mesh networks.


Soumendra Nanda and David Kotz.

Funding and acknowledgements

Funded by the Department of Justice (BJA) through ISTS.

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