NetSANI (network trace sanitization) project (2009-2012)

This project is no longer active; this page is no longer updated.

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The NetSANI (Network Trace Sanitization and ANonymization Infrastructure) project aimed to increase network-trace sharing by making it safer and easier to sanitize network traces (remove sensitive information). Sanitization always involves a challenging trade-off between sanitization effectiveness (providing anonymity for network users and secrecy for network operational information) and research usefulness (since only the information retained can be used by the researcher).

To this end, the NetSANI goal was to be a flexible and extensible suite of software tools for sanitizing network traces, based on user-specified sanitization goals and user-specified research goals. We never quite achieved that goal, but we conducted some anonymization (and de-anonymization) research.


Keren Tan, Chris McDonald, Jihwang Yeo, Phil Fazio, Guanhua Yan, and David Kotz.


Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Cyber Trust Award CNS-0831409.

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