Jennifer Armstrong preparing for Motion Capture in Action presentation

GreenLite Dartmouth - Winner, First place, Kemeny Award


Real-time meter display for electric, hot water and heat in the dorms at Dartmouth.  Our belief is that by providing compelling, dynamic, real-time data along with pertinent information and motivation, students will reduce energy use by as much as 30% with little effort.  Funded by the Dean of Faculty, Provost, Neukom Institute, Morgan Family Foundation, Mary Finegan.  With the Green Lite Dartmouth team.

Interactive Video Directory - Winner, second place.  Kemeny Award


An interactive directory for the computer science department, designed to create a personal, warm introduction to the people in the building.  Visitors play games to get to know the faculty, staff and students and find their way around the building.  Video portraits react and interact with the visitor. 

with Linda Xie, Jarman Rogers, Alan Kwan

Choose Your Own Adventure:  The Lawn Conundrum


Interactive art exhibit commissioned by the Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, Ill (part of the Chicago Academy of Sciences).  An interactive story about lawns--yes, lawns.  This piece shows the choices we face in our own front yards and the consequences of those choices on the environment, pets and family.  with Kyle Davis

Motion Capture in Action

October 2007

Performed at the Bentley Theater in the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts

Motion Capture In Action combines the ancient art of dance with state of the art technology.  Motion capture optically captures the movements and expressions of an actor or dancer and translates it onto a computer generated image (CGI) to bring the digital image to life.  In this case, we fit three dancers, Jonah Bokaer (Merce Cunningham Dance Co.), Emily Cross (Dartmouth Dance Ensemble) and Jennifer Armstrong (Dartmouth Dance Ensemble Instructor), with specially designed suits.  The dancers perform Merce Cunningham dances and work choreographed specifically for this demonstration.  As they dance, their motion is instantaneously transferred to three computer generated 3D models that will dance along in unison with the dancerswith Rachel Forman  Motion Capture in Action.pdf                    Download Hi-res movie                   

MocapInAction-iPhone-cell.3gp       Download iPhone version


Virtual 3D Dartmouth Project

for Google Earth

June, 2007

Winner:  Google Build Your Campus in 3D competition.

For a team list and more information on the competition:

An amazing team of students, led by Jessica Glago, built a virtual 3D Dartmouth campus using SketchUp software and Google Earth.  The campus won a nation-wide competition sponsored by Google (one of seven winners out of over 350 entries).  The campus is a permanent layer on Google Earth.  To view, open Google Earth, make sure 3D buildings is on, type in Dartmouth College and enjoy.

Polarized Pixel Mirror - Winner, 1st Place, Kemeny Award


Inspired by Daniel Rozin's work, an array of 32x32 servos – each representing a pixel – recreates an image captured by a digital web camera. The image is created by placing a sheet of polarizing film in front of the mirror and a disk of polarizing film on each servo. Rotating the servos creates different shades of gray and a pixilated image of the viewer is created in realtime.  Emily Greenberg, Ruslan Dimov, John Harris, Lorie Loeb, Fabio Pellacini

This project has been awarded Second Prize for Team Innovation in the Kemeny Award 07.