Hi! I'm Maryam Negahbani,

a Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Computer Science at Dartmouth College under supervision of Prof. Deeparnab Chakrabarty. My research interest is broadly Approximation Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization. Currently my focus is on Clustering Algorithms: Improving approximation ratios, proving hardness of approximation, fairness and other generalizations.

I got my B.Sc. from University of Isfahan, Iran and my M.Sc. from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. I've interned at Google Research last Summer. Here is my resume:





Better Algorithms for Individually Fair k-Clustering [arxiv] [GitHub]
with D. Chakrabarty,
In Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems [NeurIPS] 2021

Revisiting Priority k-Center: Fairness and Outliers [YouTube] [arxiv]
with T. Bajpai, D. Chakrabarty, and C. Chekuri
In International Colloquium on Automata [ICALP] 2021

Robust k-Center with Two Types of Radii [YouTube] [arxiv]
with D. Chakrabarty,
In Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization [IPCO] 2021

Generalized Center Problems with Outliers [arxiv]
with D. Chakrabarty,
In ACM Transactions on Algorithms [TALG] 2019
First version appeared in International Colloquium on Automata [ICALP] 2018

Fair Algorithms for Clustering [arxiv]
with S. Bera, D. Chakrabarty, and N. J. Flores,
In Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems [NeurIPS] 2019