Mind in the Machine: The Discovery of Artificial Intelligence

A video documentary by Wendy Conquest, Bob Drake, and Dan Rockmore

In the summer of 1956, a small group of mathematicians met at Dartmouth College. Their goal was no less than to understand the very nature of human thought through the power of mathematics as embodied in a relatively new and as yet, still, not so well understood technology called the computer. They called this new discipline "artificial intelligence" and in doing so, initiated a field of study that today lives at the frontier of computing, philosophy, mathematics, and psychology. Through interviews with those intellectual pioneers and lively original footage, "Mind In The Machine: The Discovery of Artificial Intelligence," a video documentary, by Wendy Conquest, Bob Drake, and Dan Rockmore, captures the excitement of those first days of AI and the spirit of those who are some of our most intrepid intellectual explorers. (Funding provided by the Dartmouth College's Offices of the President, Provost, and Dean of the College, as well as the National Science Foundation.)

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Still acquiring rights and distribution. Anticipated release - Fall, 2006

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