Math 31, Summer 2005

Topics in Algebra

Instructor: Dan Rockmore Professor (Mathematics and Computer Science)
Organization: Moore 150
Period 11(MWF 11:05--12:20; x-hour T 12:00-12:50)

Text: Contemporary Abstract Algebra, sixth edition, by Joseph Gallian

Other materials:

On-line resources provided by J. Gallian

Course description:

This is a course in what is often called "modern algebra" - the development of the notions of groups, rings, and fields, each of which is some way or another a generalization of our familiar integers. The course will be both an investigation of the theory as well as the many applications, especially as they arise in signal and image processing. Examples of applications include digital cryptography and error correction.

FIRST CLASS: Monday, June 27


(1) Students are expected to attend class and participate.
(2) There will be regular homework that will be graded.
(3) Students will give a short presentation on a topic of their choice (many suggestions from the text book).
(4) There will be a final take-home exam.

HW: 40%
Presentation: 10%
Participation: 10%
Final: 40%

Office: 206 Sudikoff
E-mail: rockmore AT cs DOT dartmouth DOT edu
Phone: 603-646-3260

Office hours:
TBA and by appointment.

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