Hash House Harriers

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The "hashing" to which I refer is perhaps not the activity you're thinking of.

A group of British ex-pats in Kuala Lumpur, in the 1930s, wanted to go drinking at their favorite pub, nicknamed the "Hash House." However, being British, they had this thing about a work ethic... so they adapted the old school game of "hares and hounds," marking a running through the jungle, ending eventually at the beer. Thus, the "Hash House Harriers" were born. It spread throughout the British empire, and then elsewhere.

However, each club has its own character, which can ebb and flow over time. With some of the ones I've been involved with (Princeton, Ridgefield, and Los Alamos), it was all about the run: how difficult, nasty, and surprising the trail can be. Mud. Swamps. Storm sewers. Quicksand. Mountains. (All values worth upholding!)

Other clubs, however, uphold carousing and other nonsustainable values.

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