Course Information
CS169, Usable Authentication and Authorization in the Real World, Winter 2014     Last modified: 01/02/14 04:33:57 PM


Sean Smith
Email: (My blitzmail forwards to here.) During the term, I will almost always reply within a day, and usually within a few hours. (However, do not count on responses between 6pm and 8am)
Office: Sudikoff 064
Office hours: check here


Meeting times:

Known anomalies: none yet.

Location: LSC 201

Late Assignments:

Assignments are due when they are due; extensions are not fair to the students sufficiently diligent to complete their assignments on time.

If you have a pressing need for a delay, I might listen. Then again, I might not.

Plan accordingly.

I may otherwise apply a "5% off per hour" late policy both to the written homework and to the programming projects.


Right now, I'm not planning on any---we'll be doing projects instead.

Honor Code:

The Dartmouth Honor Code applies to your conduct in this course. In particular, all work submitted for credit must be your own.

Do not copy-and-paste from your sources unless you explicitly indicate that you are doing so by typesetting it as a direct quote.

You may discuss your homework assignments and programming projects with your classmates and me.

The Dartmouth College policy on sources also applies to this course, which means that all sources must be acknowledged, whether allowed by the instructor or not. For example, software given to you by us must be acknowledged when incorporated into your work.

(Whether you go into industry or academia or elsewhere, it would be good to get in the habit of keeping track of and citing all your sources anyway!)

If you have any questions about the honor code as it relates to CS169, please come speak with me. Violations of the honor code will be treated seriously.

Students with Disabilities:

I encourage students with disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities such as chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with me any appropriate accommodations that I might make on their behalf.

(If this may apply to you, I also urge you to discuss things with the Student Accessibility Services office, if you haven't already. They've set up a system where they keep the "appropriate accommodations" on file---so you don't have to discuss details with each new instructor!)