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July 5, 1997
Finger Lakes National Forest, on the "ridge" between Cayuga Lake and Senaca Lake in central NY.
Both a 50 miler, and 50K. I did the 50 miler.


Nancy and Hannah were at her folks for 10 days. Work kept me in NY. But I decided to take July 4 off; looked at the Ultrarunning calendar, and there was a race nearby...


The Finger Lakes Runners Club puts on an annual trail series, and have got things down pretty well.

Start/Finish was at a fairly remote campground... no running water or electricity; nearest phone was six miles away, and nearest place to leave the car was 1/4 mile away. (I camped out Friday and Saturday nights, although most folks had left by Saturday evening.)

The trail

The club tried a new trail this year, so no one knew what to expect.

The races started at the same time. The 50K course did two slightly different 15+ mile loops. The 50M then did a third loop that was a repeat of the second, followed by a short 3+ mile fourth loop.

Some positives:

Some negatives:

The results:


Why so slow? I don't know---especially when I'd never gone that slow on a 50 miler before unless there was major climbing, or I was really suffering. Probably a combination of several factors:

Would I go back? Probably. The great organization, trails, and campground probably makes up for the Too Damn Many Loops, and the utter lack of interesting climbing.

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